A Goodbye (of Sorts)

Today, I’m letting go of a time and a season. 

In a little over two weeks, I’ll be boarding a plane in Lexington, KY and will head to South Korea for the 2012-2013 academic year. While I’m there, I’ll be blogging at a new location: A Different Kind of South. Here, I’ll still chronicle about faith, theology, culture (Korean, of course!) and books, but all through the lens of a teacher living in South Korea. Through my year of blogging abroad, hopefully, my entries will help future Fulbrighters who will also journey to Korea.

I’m looking forward to this new step in life, and I’ve loved blogging here. It’s been therapeutic, comforting, and a creative outlet for my energy. Don’t worry though, the blog will still be here for you enjoy (if you choose to do so). In a way, my blog was what encouraged a professor to help me apply for Fulbright. As you can see, writing can truly change a life.  So, until I come home and until I hit the books again, I’ll see you over at A Different Kind of South.

I’ll see you in South Korea.



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