Weekly Update for June 8th, 2012

The week that was and is.

Academics: I’m not in school. This makes me slightly sad, but I’ll be taking the role of teacher in mid-August in the great country of South Korea. I’m considering applying to the library science department and/or English department at the University of Kentucky after my Fulbright year. My primary cause is that I’d like to stay with my church family at St. Aidan’s Anglican and the various brothers and sisters in the Company of Jesus. Though I won’t stay at UK for my Ph.D. studies, this will give me more time to plug in where I’m happy serving the Lord. I’m also not sure how conducive a public university will be in regards to my affinity for the integration of the Christian religion into literary studies. However, it’s still in the air. Pray for me.

Fulbright: I leave July 3rd out of Lexington, KY.

The Church: St. Aidan’s Anglican is sponsoring a yard sale and free food this Saturday (tomorrow). If you’re in the Lex-Nicholasville area, please come out for a nice afternoon.

On the Bookshelf: I need to go refuel at the public library, but I’ve started “Cold Mountain.” I’ve also bought a few books for my trip, but I’ve vowed not to touch them until I’m on the plane.

Here’s to next week!

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