…but how will I live?

I graduate in four days. Technically, I could get off the academy train on May 19th and never step back inside a classroom again as a student. Of course, Lord willing, I’ll be a student of one sort or another throughout my whole life. It’s in my blood. Ingrained in my skin.

Don’t hassle the tassel.

I have to stick around with the books, but after I walk the stage on Saturday, how will I live? I’ve lived late nights, hours in the library, hours praying in the library, eating in the cafeteria, walking around, sleeping, standing in front of my closet, a few hours in the campus counselor’s office, and not to mention: class (my favorite).

But after May 19th, after 12 noon, after I’ve locked my room for the last time, turned in my key, and hopped into my car to drive away, how will I live? I’ve grown familiar with Georgetown, which is a good thing. I’m in a routine, but college hasn’t quite been as “real life” as I had been told in high school. A little shock and awe here and there, but overall, let’s be honest: college everywhere is a bubble.

But after I’m gone, after it’s over, after people slowly forget about Sarah, how will I live? How will I adjust? Will I do everything I’ve set my mind to, or I will I simply become complacent? Oh, I beg and pray the latter never happens.

So, GC 2012, how will you live after May 19th? Who will you serve and how will you spend your time? Who will benefit from your education and how will you reach out to another?

How will you live for the rest of your life?



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