Friday Alphabet.

Friday’s Thankfulness Alphabet.

A – Apples, Anchoresses.

B – Books, Benedictine spirituality, Battle Road.

C- Cookies in the GC Caf, Candy, Candles that smell like cake.

D – Dependable people, Detergent, Dad.

E – Eggs that are scrambled, Encyclopedias, Energetic days.

F – Fridays, Fish as pets, Fulbright program, Facebook.

G- Grapes, Georgetown College, Graduation, Graduate school.

H – Home, High fives.

I – Ice cream, Ink pens.

J – Joshua, Jokes, Jelly of the grape variety.

K – Kites.

L – Libraries, Love, Literature.

M – Mom, Milk of the skim variety, Mackville Church of Christ, Medieval Literature.

N – Nuggets of chicken, Note taking.

O – Orchestra music.

P – Pizza rolls, Prayer, Pacemakers.

Q – Quails.

R – Rainy days, Running shoes that I use for walking.

S – Sunshine, South Korea, St. Aidan’s Anglican Church.

T – T-shirts, twins.

U – Umbrellas.

V – Variety.

W – Water, Wind, Walks.

X – Xylophones, X-rays. Duh.

Y – Yak farm in Alaska.

Z – Zoos.


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