Weekly Update: For the Week of April 22nd, 2012

The week that was Aprill 22nd-28th, 2012

Academics: Preparing to write the final paper of my undergraduate career. Graduation is a mere 20-some odd days away. I’ve been invited to attend GC’s Academic Honor’s Day. Teaching and learning still gets me all excited. So excited. I’ll miss Georgetown College, it’s made me into part of the person I am today. Professors, if you’re reading this, you all have meant the world to me. You’ll never know how far you’ve reached in my life. Thanks, and thanks, and more thanks.

On the bookshelf: Rid of My Disgrace by Justin and Lindsey A. Holcomb and The Passion of Reverend Nash by Rachel Basch. I’ve read three books this week, including a Korean language book. I know lots of letters and sounds in the Korean alphabet from my side studies. Also, when I leave for South Korea, I’ll be in transit for possibly 20-some-odd hours. What big book should I take along with me? So far, I think I’ve read 28 books this year.

Move it: I’ve walked three times this week, and I enjoyed it. Very much. Especially with my iPod loaded with old Glee songs, Toby Keith, and other old-timey favorites.

Religion: Driving to church tomorrow to help serve breakfast to local clergy. It’s bright and early, but I don’t mind. It gives me something to do.

In the past few weeks, I’ve also made the decision to apply for the postulancy (in hopes of obtaining full membership as a Benedictine) in the Order of the Company of Jesus, a community of third order Franciscans and Benedictines. My application will be under review this weekend. I’ve been asked why monasticism is important by others, and I can’t really boil it down to one reason, but I can say that it requires discipline in the name of the Lord Jesus. Discipline for the Lord is never a bad thing, and it’s something that I need to mature in my faith.

Next week: Write, pray, work, repeat. Until May 9th.


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