31 things, part two.

At this moment, I am up to my eyeballs studying for my senior comprehensives (which will take place next Friday). In order to take a step back from the madness, I’m electing to ramble about myself (part two). You can catch the first “thirty-one things” about me here.

1. I like to arrange book by publishers. Not color, authors, or alphabetically, but by publisher.

2. I have specific places at my campus library where I like to sit. Second table back, first chair by the lamp.

3. I’ve had the same cell phone since I began college in 2008. It doesn’t connect to the Interwebs, but it makes phone calls. That’s what it’s for, right?

4. My research interests include Medieval literature (particularly images of celibacy and marriage in religious literature of the era) and American modernism. If you want a good read, check out Ancrene Wisse. It’s a riot. Or The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath. An equal riot.

5. I’m a Fulbright Grant finalist. If selected, I will teach English in South Korea for a year.

6. I love to write poetry. I would love to be published one day.

7. I’d like to be a professor of English at a Christian college.

8. I believe that Christ and Christian themes can be found in all types of literature (see #7).

9. If I don’t become a professor, I’d be happy as an academic librarian.

10. This first thing I said to my mother after I was baptized: “My hair’s not wet.”

11. I’ve parasailed in Hawaii. It was fun and salty.

12. The best mashed potatoes I’ve ever had was on a flight back from France. I think the dish has chives in it.

13. Tomorrow is my final day working at Cracker Barrel, my place of employment during college. It’s been swell, CB!

14. I lived in the same house for 18 years before moving to college.

15. I’ve read The Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood three times.

16. I still don’t know how to change a tire.

17. My nickname while growing up was “Pearl.”

18. I love teaching middle school students. I discovered this during my student teaching experience last fall.

19. I turned 22 almost a month ago.

20. I one day dream of getting a Ph.D. in English.

21. School. It’s my favorite.

22. I fell down the basement stairs at my house when I was 12-years-old. I got a doll out of the deal.

23. My roommate and I owned a fish named Ignatius for many years until last summer. He died peacefully.

24. I love “King of the Hill.” It is perhaps one of my favorite television shows.

25. One of my favorite parts of my college experience was staying on campus over the weekends. I love going home, but I like staying on campus, too.

26. My favorite fried chicken has to be Lee’s Famous Recipe. There isn’t a Lee’s within an hour of my campus (for reasons unknown to me).

27. One of my favorite desserts is the Double Fudge Coca-Cola cake from Cracker Barrel. It’s so delicious.

28. Two things: red potatoes and steak sauce.

29. I think it would be swell to teach alongside the professors I have now. They’re just that great.

30. I was on my campus’ Chapel Leadership Team my sophomore year.

31. I laugh when I read.


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