A Prayer for Lent

Dear Lord,

I know in the gospel of Matthew, you said that we’re not supposed to talk about our fasts. We’re not to parade our righteousness around for everyone to admire, because in the end, earthly admiration is all we’ll get. However Lord, I need to get this out of my system:

Lent is hard. Really hard. In fact, half the time, I’m not sure I like it.

Taking everyday nuances and removing them from my life is difficult. Learning to lean on you is even harder. I’m used to depending on something else for my comfort, I’m used to worldly things to make me happy. If I’ve learned anything Lord, it’s that you are much bigger than I have ever imagined. Even after a week of broken Lenten practice, I’ve learned that you’ve given me a life much bigger than I thought I have. Despite my brokenness and temptation, you’ve shown me that you are truly all that I need.  Lord, sustain us for the remainder of this mindful period and help us all to carry on with a cruciform life beyond Easter morning.

In Your most holy name,



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