His Princess: Love Letters from Your King by Sheri Rose Shepherd

When confronted with princess imagery, I’m one to roll my eyes or feel some gag rise up from deep within. At a women’s conference years ago, I kept hearing how Christian women were “princesses” and our Father was the King. Engage more eye rolling. Despite my aversion to all things princessy, Sheri Rose Shepherd’s pocket-sized devotional book His Princess: Love Letters from Your King provides a daily dose of encouragement that I recognized could help Christian women understand how much God treasures them.

Divided into almost 90 entries, Shepherd’s book is formatted in a series of letters and ends with “Love, Your King and Your Purity,” determined on which topic is being discussed. With this book, girls and young teens alike read letters that have been “written” by God to them, addressing different kinds of life situations: confusing emotions, connection with God, and pulling through difficult situations. Another nice features of the book is a corresponding Bible verse for each letter, therefore tying in a passage from a much larger “letter” into small individual letters. The diversity of the topics addressed in the book will also help the book’s audience see that God truly does understand what they are experiencing. His Princess (even the light and airy feel) truly does an excellent job of letting girls and young women know that they are loved by God, and are indeed part of a much bigger story. I would recommend it for those trying to teach the young women in their lives about what it means to be a daughter of the King.

For more information about Sheri Rose Shepherd, check out her website.

PS – The good people at Multnomah’s Blogging for Books gave me a free copy of His Princess in exchange for an honest review.


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