Mercy Come Morning by Lisa T. Bergren

Mercy Come Morning by Lisa T. Bergren is a quick read that will satisfy readers that love the unity of love, faith, and family. With the notice that her mother as at the end of her life due to Alzheimer’s, Krista Mueller, a professor of history in Colorado, travels back to her homeland to be by her mother’s side. Marked by the pain of her mother’s bohemian lifestyle and an absentee father, Krista must learn to forgive her mother for her mistakes as a parent.

What I liked about Mercy Come Morning was its focus on a strained mother-daughter relationship that is marked by eventual forgiveness. Though Krista is angry with her mother, she eventually comes to forgive her through the help of a family friends and the Christian faith.  Though Morning can be written off as somewhat sappy and love-saturated due to the fast-paced romance between Krista and a childhood boyfriend, the book is heartwarming and brings to light the real struggles associated with Alzheimer’s disease.

PS – The good people at Blogging for Books gave me a free copy of the book in exchange for an honest review.


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