College things I was supposed to do.

Before I moved away to college, there was this unwritten, unspoken list of things I was supposed to do while in college. However, the books became more interesting, and somewhere, life didn’t quite happen like I thought it would. Here are some things I was supposed to do, but never got around to doing:

1. The all-nighter. I’ve never pulled an all-nighter. Lest I be called arrogant, I always finished my work ahead of time, and therefore, got to sleep in heavenly peace the day before a project was due. Quite frankly, I never understood the logic of not doing a task until the very, very last minute. And don’t you dare say “It’s so much more motivating.”

2. Spontaneous pizza ordering. I always heard that in college, it was nothing for somebody to rise at 4 a.m. and summon Papa John’s to deliver a pizza. I’m sure it happens, but I never quite got around to the midnight pizza run. I have, however, went out a 2 a.m. for doughnuts. Maybe that counts?

3. Skip class for the kicks and gigs. Once last year, I was super tempted to skip class to go to a local horse racing track for their college scholarship day. It was so tempting, but my conscience wouldn’t let me. So I went to class and spared myself the guilt.

4. Not go to all the chapel services. I’ve been to every chapel service my campus has hosted, except during my student teaching semester. I’ve reached my maximum amount of chapel attendances needed to graduate, but I keep going back like some sort of Christian boomerang.

As I head into my final semester, I look back on the things I was supposed to do as a college student. Then I look at the things I have done. Things have turned out very well, but I think I might be risky one night and order pizza while working on an almost due essay.

Happy semester!



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