…but I still love paper.

I received a “baby” Kindle for Christmas. At one point in my life, I was an all-out Kindle hater, believing that I could not love both paper and electronics. I loved the smell, the look, the texture, the feel of paper. I still do. A lot. There’s nothing like getting lost in the rows of a library or that papery smell that I sometimes catch while in a bookstore. Face it. There’s nothing like a good paper book to hold, break in, and keep forever and ever. I still love paper.

However, I really love my Kindle. It’s not fancy, in fact, it’s one of the very basic models

See paper? I still love you, I have you pressed against my face.

which allows only reading. That’s the point, correct? I love the fact that I can access hundreds of free texts and buy books that I really, really want to read for very low prices.

I have also discovered that a Kindle allows me to read before I go to bed without fumbling with pages and bookmarks. I can also haul my whole library to the cardiologist and read for hours, despite the screaming children in the waiting room. Heck, I could probably read while unloading the dishwasher. Not that I’ve tried it or anything.

No, paper books. I haven’t given up on you. My parents gave me gift cards to bookstores for Christmas for the sole purpose of buying more paper books. If it makes you feel better paper books, I’ll never be able to show off my grand literary tastes and genius on a physical shelf with a Kindle. No paper books, Kindle will never replace you. I might slowly be slogging along with the technological times despite my sentiment and nostalgia, but I still love paper.


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