Fierce Beauty by Kim Meeder

Fierce Beauty by Kim Meeder - Multnomah Publishers

In many Christian novels marketed for pre-teen girls and young women, female Christians are often described as “royal princesses” with a royal mission to fulfill. Rather than employ this usual metaphor to reach out to young, Christian women, Kim Meeder’s Fierce Beauty employs the images of a spiritual battleground where women must elect to fully fight on a daily basis.

Through personal stories of grief and triumph, Meeder takes her readers through the journey of a woman that pursues a fierce, Christ-like beauty. Perhaps most captivating is Meeder’s own confession of her struggles with food and body image. Describing a time in her life where she chewed the same piece of gum for days or ate only an apple for a meal. Meeder states that these destructive habits worked to overtake her life. Comparing her idolatrous body image struggle to the power of sin, Meeder explains that the smallest of sins can overtake one’s walk with the Lord Jesus.

In addition to warning her readers against sin and the spiritual warfare that surrounds Christian men and women alike, Meeder also dedicates a whole chapter to using one’s gift for God. Instead of allowing a fruitless life to pass a young girl by, Meeder suggests that any young woman should employ her gifts for the Lord, whether it be through sending birthday cards or simply saying something encouraging. According to Meeder, there is nothing too small that can be used to serve Jesus.

Overall, Fierce Beauty offers young women the hope of an active faith, rather than the promise of passive princesses. Encouraging Christian women to use their gifts, to shun sin, and to actively work for the Kingdom of God, Fierce Beauty is an excellent book for the young woman in your life.

PS- A copy of this was given to be by the fine folks at Waterbrook/Multnomah’s Blogging for Books program. All opinions are my own.


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