survive finals, How to.

Luckily, I do not have to endure finals this semester because I was a student teacher and everyday was a test in its own right. However, for those who have a few days of finals remaining, I offer a list of suggestions that might help you get through the next week.

1. Take a nap. I mean it. Set your alarm for thirty minutes to an hour and rest. Naps work wonders.

2. Eat. I know you eat, but take

Book life.

time to eat a hot meal out of our caf instead of grabbing a sandwich from the to-go line. A good meal also works wonders. If you’re feeling extra luxurious, go out with your friends, but be responsible.

3. Just do it. Go in and take your test. If you don’t know the material an hour before, you won’t know it when you’re taking the test. If you didn’t study, just go in, and take the test. If you did study, use your brain.

4. Take a walk. A brisk walk outside or in the Rec helps me get rid of anxious energy. You may dread the workout beforehand, but afterwards, you’ll thank yourself.

5. Go to the library. Or whatever you like to do once it’s over. Give yourself something to look forward to, like a new book.

If you’re a Georgetown College student, your finals schedule can be found here. If you’re not a GC student, how do you prep for finals?



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