Post a day, Day 2: Fashion (non) Sense

Are you a teacher? Maybe a student teacher? Or maybe the perpetual student? Odds are, you’ve encountered some form fashion dilemma greater than “What shall I wear today?” As a student teacher, I had lofty ideals that stated that I would dress to the nines each and every day while taking careful time to style my hair. Of course, after life got busy (think day 2), it all went to pot. Now that I’m down to one week of student teaching, I think it’s safe to reflect on not only my educational practices, but also my fashion sense.

  1. If I wore it on Monday, I can probably wear it on Thursday without being detected.
  2. Hair not cooperating? Tiny ponytail it is then.
  3. Dress shoes not keeping me warm? I think I’ll wear them with my regular white socks.
  4. I’ve noticed that on days when I don’t wear makeup, nobody says “Ms. Carey, you’re looking exceptionally ugly today.”  So on some days, I just don’t wear makeup.
  5. No time/place to iron = wrinkle release spray.
  6. My hands always/clothes sometimes get dry erase marker residue on them. Classy.
  7. That black dress with the pockets = that black utility dress. Put markers, phones, pencils, etc.

You can probably tell I’m not so good with the fashion, and if I were getting a grade on it instead of my teaching, well, I’d be ashamed. However, I’m sure one day the style of “stressed college student” will come around.


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