Out of a Far Country by Christopher Yuan and Angela Yuan

In Out of a Far Country, son and mother team, Christopher and Angela Yuan tackle what it means to be a redeemed sinner that is saved by Jesus Christ. Though the book discusses Christopher’s struggle with homosexuality, Far Country focuses on the glorious fact that all  who come to Christ can be saved from their self-induced cycles of harm.

Not shying away from the difficult, Angela Yuan tells of the disappointment and sorrow she feels at Christopher’s announcement of his homosexuality. After this announcement, Angela deals with her lifeless marriage, Christopher’s being expelled from dental school, and Christopher’s eventual imprisonment on drug charges. However, rather than dwell on the negative, Mrs. Yuan discusses the Christians that came into her life and told her that Jesus Christ forgives and loves everyone, even her wayward son. Pledging not to give up on Christopher, Mrs. Yuan prays for him daily, and eventually Christopher comes to know Jesus Christ as Savior.

Not for the faint-of-heart, Out of a Far Country is a true-t0-life book that captures not only Angela’s, but Christopher’s struggles with same-sex attraction, drugs, and eventually an HIV positive diagnosis. What makes this book especially excellent is that it doesn’t focus on Angela and Christopher’s struggles, it highlights the truth that is found in Christ Jesus. From drug dealer to inmate to minister, Out of a Far Country captures the experience of Christopher Yuan’s journey to becoming a committed Christian in a world gone awry.

PS- The good folks at Multnomah’s Blogging for Books gave me a review copy of Out of a Far Country in exchange for an honest review.


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