Things I hate about Christmas.

Keep it Christ-filled and classy this year!

Okay, I don’t really hate Christmas. I just wanted you to read this post.

However, the things I used to hate about Christmas are now coming back to haunt me as favorites that I yearn to experience one final time before I graduate into the big world of adulthood/responsibility/not-in-collegedom.

1. Awful Christmas Plays. My home church usually puts on a Christmas play each year. Granted they’re not all bad, in fact, we’ve put on quite a few good ones. However, there have been a few that I’ve been in as a child that I knew were straight-up awful. Angel wings wouldn’t stick, I forgot my lines, the Virgin Mary goes missing, or you know, the acting was really, really bad. Despite all of this, I wouldn’t mind being in one final play. But ask me as a last resort.

2. Flea markets. My family has a long-standing tradition of going to a drive-through Christmas light exhibit which we call “Christmas Island.” Basically everything is covered in lights except the grass. I liked this part, but I did not like going to the flea market beforehand. My parents usually take hours (or so it seems) to look at other people’s junk, and it is awful. Usually, we leave with socks and probably a drill that my dad just had to get. Now that I realize that my days of awful Christmas fleamarketing are numbered, I wouldn’t mind one last go-around. But once again, give me advanced notice.

3. Filling out Christmas cards. My mom tells me to “Write our names neat! I mean so I can read it!!” Granted, years of higher education has ruined my handwriting, but I’m usually in charge in of writing “Merry Christmas from Sandy, Kathy, Sarah, and Joshua.” After 30 times, nobody can read anything and I have to go back and redo it. This year, I wouldn’t mind having to redo a few cards.

4. Crazy Shoppers. You know, people acting like wild animals when they go shopping. Still dislike this one.

5. The workplace decorations. My outside-of-campus place of employment decorates for Christmas in October. I used to hate this early decorating, but now I like it. I’m excited to be working over break in a place decked with old-time country Christmas flair. It’s kinda like home.

6. Nasty cookies. I’ve encountered too many nasty Christmas cookies in my day, but this year, I’d be proud to eat a final round of gross Christmas cookies straight from the heartland of Kentucky.

7. The video camera. Ladies and gentlemen, I’m 21 years old. My dad still thinks it’s crunk to videotape my brother and I descending the stairs for Christmas day. Every year I fight it. Nope, doesn’t matter. Dad has to video tape everything, included somebody yelling “Use the bathroom before we open presents!!!” For example, the year my brother was almost 1, we have about 10 minutes of empty living room and blinking Christmas tree on tape. I’ve hated that video camera. Maybe this year I’ll just play along.

What things do you “hate” about Christmas, but have found a soft spot for? Why is this? Share it with me!


2 thoughts on “Things I hate about Christmas.

  1. HA! I especially like number seven. Question is, do ya’ll ever watch those videos from years gone by? We have an attic full attesting to horrible outfits and horrendous hair-dos; we never watch them though.

    • Oh my oh my! Do we have the videos! My favorite one is from 1996. My mom had the hair, the denim skirt, and the glasses to prove it was the 1990s. My dad still has the same jumpsuit. It was terrific yet horrifying.

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