Praying for Your Future Husband by Robin Jones Gunn and Tricia Goyer

My mother prays for my future husband on a regular basis. Occasionally, when I’m not in an exhaustion coma, I’ll whisper a prayer for the man God may elect to bring into my life. Though Robin Jones Gunn and Tricia Goyer’s book Praying for Your Future Husband is marketed for middle and high school girls, I found the book to be an excellent introduction to the blessing of praying for others (especially one’s future husband) in a society that is rushed, yet filled with moral and sexual denigration.

Filled with true stories of married and single women alike, Praying does an excellent job of not glorifying married life over the single life. In fact, Gunn and Goyer encourage their young female to live full lives during their single years. Additionally, while living full lives, Praying encourages young girls to pray fervently for their future husbands. Tackling areas such as patience, understanding, contentment, protection, and even intimacy, the book offers chapters tailored to certain aspects of a husband’s character that should be examined. At the end of each chapter, the reader is given a prayer to pray for her future husband and for herself. For young girls, they are not only educated in what characteristics a Godly husband should possess, but they are also instructed to develop these traits in their own personal lives. Praying not only helps teen girls pray for their future husbands, but it also has the potential to help girls live full, Christ-like lives whether they marry or not.

PS- The excellent folks over at Multnomah’s Blogging for Books gave me a free copy of Praying for Your Future Husband in exchange for an honest review. No lies here.









6 thoughts on “Praying for Your Future Husband by Robin Jones Gunn and Tricia Goyer

  1. Wonderful book, and that from the review only! I am sure it would be found in amazon?
    However, when is someone going to actually write a book with older singles in mind?

  2. I used to do that, pray for my then-future husband. Since I went to a Christian college, I always *thought* I wanted a minister-type….but later events taught me that that kind of person was all kinds of wrong for me.

    Books like this are great, but I think they can also mislead a lot of girls to think that if they don’t marry a specific kind of guy, or if they end up messing up sexually, that they are somehow “ruined” for whoever they end up with. It assumes all too frequently that every Christian girl should marry Mr. Prays-A-Lot, which isn’t always the case. On top of that, I’ve found that a lot of books like this fail to prepare anyone (girls or boys) for the eventual arguments, dissents, dislikes, annoying quirks, and sarcastic quips that they will have to deal with once they are married.

    Praying for future husband? Great idea! Thinking that if a girl has had sex before she’s married means that no decent guy would ever want her? Not the best message. Making a girl think that if her marriage doesn’t look just-so then it may be some kind of failure or mistake? Worst idea ever.

    • Oh, I wholeheartedly agree! My one complaint about the book is that it doesn’t quite follow up with life after the “I dos” have taken place.

      However, one of the book’s authors Tricia Goyer was a teen mother that found a very Godly man as her husband after her son was born. The book emphasizes sexual purity, but it also reinforces the truth that God forgives, no matter the sin.

      • I am already praying for Eastwood’s future wife, even though he is only two! My prayer is that she is a Godly woman, Biblically sound and encouragers him as the leader of the home.

        Seems to me the book isn’t about what takes place after “I do”. Plenty of books have been written about that. Focus on the Family is a good resource.

      • You’re right! It’s all about preparation, whether or not a young girl marries during her lifetime. Though it is very “campy” in some places, it’s a good read for all ages.

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