100 posts later…

100 posts later, I still blog about life and books, but with a heavier hint of the real life sprinkled in. No longer am I in-between the college sophomore and junior phases, but rather, the college senior and adult phase that is sometimes fearful. I now sometimes write unpublished poetry and I also review books. Things I love to do.

100 posts later, I have started a fledgling blog about Christian singleness, over at “for a little while only.” Check it out, you might like it. I’ve also grown as a writer, but maybe not. Depends on who’s reading. I’ve discussed my fears, my eating habits, my life goals, and campus culture. I’ve also made lists of graduate schools I’d like to attend. I’ve joined blog communities and received encouraging comments from frequent readers.

100 posts later, I’m not the person I was 100 posts ago. I was possibly a little more optimistic 100 posts ago, but I can guarantee (maybe) that I’m wiser now. I’ve realized that sometimes life isn’t like the classroom, but sometimes, it really can be. I’ve learned that words are the best way to express yourself when there is no other option available.

I’ve learned that words are beautiful. More beautiful that a good sunset. Just maybe.

100 posts later, I still plan on blogging for hundreds more. Will a time and a season be active this time next year? Maybe. Will I still be blogging this time next year? Oh yes. In short, for the past 100 posts, my home here at a time and a season has been wonderful. I’ve found myself (to exhaust the phrase), I’ve probably lost myself a few times, and I’ve learned to avoid using passive voice.

Quite frankly, 100 posts later, I’m glad I started blogging. I’m glad I’m sharing times and seasons with all of my fantastic readers and also with the ships passing in the night.



One thought on “100 posts later…

  1. Wonderful post! I reached my 100th post on my blog a while back, but didn’t celebrate…now you’ve got me thinking 🙂 Keep up the great writing! Praying for you! The in between college and adult phase can be scary, but it’s just another wonderful step on God’s amazing adventure 🙂 Keep us updated!! Blessings, Amanda, Ruby for Women Assistant Editor

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