Raised Right: How I Untangled My Faith from Politics by Alisa Harris

Alisa Harris was raised in a family that believed that conservative politics would win the United States back to Christ. Encouraged to vote, rally, and debate others who opposed her family’s political point of view, Harris’ Christian faith was intertwined in her Republican political views. Despite her homeschool past and frequent church attendance, Harris tackles what it means to be a Christian that participates in the political system of the United States.

Within her memoir, Harris attempts to balance political alliances. She commends her conservative parents for teaching her “justice and love,” but also questions the same political viewpoint for placing too much emphasis on materialism and greed. However, instead of unleashing what she dubs “The Four Killer Questions” method of evangelism or exhausting her classmates with endless tirades at a local community college, Harris finds herself wondering what it truly looks like to reach those who are lost. Rather than target the individual’s political alliances, Harris suggests that Christians disregard labels and love one another because “God made everyone.”

Overall, the spirit of Raised Right is one that attempts to claim Christianity from the tangle of American politics. Harris suggests that even in the stickiest of debates, such as abortion, both sides of the political aisle can join together for a common good (179). Despite Harris’ attempt to shed light on the fact that Christianity is not bound by one political party or issue, her book still leaves readers with a lingering “What do I do now?” Though the book is a memoir dedicated to Harris’ change of heart regarding politics and faith, it was still lacking in the call to action for readers. Regardless, Raised Right is a read for those seeking out what it means to be a Christian in a world filled with divided politics and ideologies.

PS- The good people at Blogging for Books provided me a review copy of Raised Right. I was not compensated in order to provide a positive review.


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