unpublished thursdays [on a saturday, october 22nd, 2011]


I will never leave the foothills because

they have never left me.

Like an ingrained vein and artery, churning in and out

the lifeblood that is the Christian walk or the homemade

apple dumplings crisped in soda for the rest of the



I will never leave the foothills, despite the robes

I might wear or the color on my gown

or what letters are behind my name

because I was conceived and born and raised

and taught in the foothills.

yes, those disgusting, cultureless foothills, or so they call it.

my old self still lingers there, even though I

thought she died almost four years ago in

a tragic accident called transition.

but no, her ghostly real self still lingers

in the same foothills and she returns to

my body when I go there and go to church there.

Leaving the hills mentally would be worse than physically

though I will never live there again.

To forget that intellect swells there, though the scholars

wear no fancy hats. That though we are Christian,

we’re not the ones that the world loves to hate.

No, the foothills I will never leave because I

was born




no I will never leave the foothills, for though I have left them

and turned away in my imagination like a foolish child,

they will never leave me.


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