Things I love: Fall 2011 Edition

Fall is so close. Here in Kentucky, the leaves are changing and the weather is fluctuating between highs and crisp chills. I love fall, but I also love other things. In the past few weeks, my life has been slightly different as I am now a student teacher and now a college senior. With that in mind, I now present the things I love the most, as dictated through the lens of my student teaching experiences and of course, college.

1. Fall. I’ve already mentioned this, but I love fall. Not too cold, not too hot. But enough magic to keep a sweater on without a jacket. Many props to fall.

2. Realizing that a lesson plan works. And by “works,” I mean “everybody gets what’s going on in the curriculum.”

3. Lingering among the shelves in my campus library. After a hard day a few weeks ago, I walked to the library, pulled books of the shelf, and sat on the floor. People were milling about, but I didn’t care. I had books and I was on the floor reading about medieval literature.

4. Peanut butter and jelly. This semester, I’ve taken an unusal love to pb&j. I’ve always loved it, but in the past few weeks, the combination of slightly salty and somewhat sweet grape jelly has made me happy.

5. Getting mail in my campus box. I love getting mail. Sometimes I get annoying inserts, but sometimes I get letters and notes from people back home or others around campus informing me of something I need to do.

6. Walking to my car in the mornings. It’s quiet and the world seems still. The campus seems more serene in those twilight minutes, and it’s one of the few moments in the day where I can hear myself thing.

7. Working in the writing center. I love helping others edit papers. It gets me all excited when I explain subject-verb agreement or some other nerdy word science to a student.

8. Naps. I’ve always loved naps. No change there.

9. Getting my second wind. Just when I think I can’t teach another lesson or plan another activity, I get some unknown burst of energy and I finish what needs completion.

10. Books. This semester, I’ve spent an odd amount of time sorting my books by size. I’ve also spent time thinking about what my bookshelf will look like next semester when I’m back in the classroom as a student.

11. Blogging. I’ve started entries such as “unpublished thursdays” and I review books for It’s creativity, free books, and a relaxing outlet, all rolled up into one.

In short, if it’s got paper, nerdy affiliations, sweater temperatures, and/or words all over it, it’s probably a thing I love. What things do you love or like a whole, whole lot?



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