unpublished thursdays [september 29, 2011]

a walk across campus before daylight

I walk everyday across campus before

daylight arrives to get in my car and

go to school where I practice being

a teacher for over one hundred students.

the cracks in the sidewalk look a little lonelier

but they look more diginifed.

in the distance, the courthouse clock in town struggles to overlook

the pinnacle of the library where I spend time

trying to make something of myself (because all i’m good at is the books).

When I walk across campus before the horizon gives

birth to the rest of the day, the moment is suspended for a

few seconds and after I round the library

I realize that I might be good at something

and when I reach closer to my school,

the moon of the courthouse clock looms again,

reminding me that the suspension of time is gone

and another day will pass before I can walk

before daylight.


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