2008 vs. 2012 AKA: Battle of the Senior Years

In the spring of 2008, I was a high school senior. Now that Spring 2012 looms ahead, I am nearing my college graduation in less than nine months. Unlike my senior year of high school, my senior year of college has posed different challenges. Below, allow me to elaborate:

1. Senior year of high school was partyesque land of academic smoothness (somewhat). No, I am not and was not a party-goer, but high school was easy. Senior year was nine months of “I can’t wait to get out of this place.” Now I’m thinking “I just want to stay in this place. They cook my food here.”

2. I wasn’t too worried about rejection during the olden days of 2008. I was accepted to all the colleges I applied to. However, now I face job rejection and graduate school rejections in the future. Potential rejection looms all up in this mug. Of course, so does outstanding success. Sometimes I forget that.

3. In 2008, I walked through the halls of my high school like a boss. Heck, we were even given special seating during certain school events. Seniors were called “the leaders of the school” and we had rocktastic shirts that let everybody know that “We’re Great in 2008!” Or something like that. College is a bit different. Sure, my campus is small, but it’s hard to keep tabs on who’s who and credit counts and December/May graduations. You might be a senior, but you might also be a hybrid Junior/Senior. No strutting your seniority as much in college. Except when it’s time to register for classes. Then we get first picks.

4. I’m still working part-time in foodservice. No change there. Except the aprons. The aprons are more awesome at my current job. No sarcasm intended.

5. In 2008, I was tired because I was too busy being an awesome senior at school and raking in mad tips as a server at a pizza chain. In pre-2012 days, I’m tired because I’m serving as student teacher and getting real job experience. Glamorous? Not always. Rewarding? Ah yes.

6.  In 2008, it was so acceptable to wear “Class of 2008” shirts. In 2012, I’m sure I’ll have to trade in the shirt I’m wearing now with “2008” emblazoned all over it.

You go, collegiate class of 2012. We’re a different kind of fantastic.


PS- Which senior year was your favorite? Why?


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