The lineup: who, where, and why.

So, want do you want to do after graduation? (Which is in 37 weeks, by the way)

Upon hearing that I’m an English major, 103% of people say “Oh, you’re going to teach!” Why yes I am! In fact, I’ll be certified to teach grades 5-12 English language arts, a dream that’s been a long time coming. However, as thousands of blog posts before this one have proclaimed, I’m also applying to graduate schools not only because I want to learn more, but also because it’s a brave thing for me to do.

Now you’re asking “Well, where do you want to go?” I’ll answer that in a minute, but consider this list a brainstorming exercise and a work in progress. And, of course, not in particular order.

1. Baylor University (Waco, TX)

Why? It’s a large Christian university that will allow me to pursue my research interests in literature and Christian theology.  Literature (religious and secular) has quite a bit to say about the Christian religion. As a result of this personal discovery, I have decided that Baylor’s focus on the unity of religion and literature at the graduate level would be a perfect fit for me.

2. Abilene Christian University (Abilene, TX)

Why? The university boasts a MA in English that caters to those (like myself) interested in faith and literature. Unlike many graduate programs, ACU requires that all English master’s degree students take a “Faith and Theory” class during their career. Also, the University is affiliated with the Church of Christ and it provides chapel for graduate students on a weekly basis. In addition to being affiliated with my home denomination, ACU also keeps graduate students’ spiritual health at the forefront.

3. California Baptist University (Riverside, CA)

Why? Because it’s a Christian university with a graduate program. I’m still researching this institution, but what I’ve seen so far has been delightful.

4. Duke University (Durham, NC)

Why? Because a professor provided me with an article. I read it, and it told me to apply to one school that would accept me only in my wildest, stress-induced dreams. Admission to the Duke English graduate program is tough and competitive, and more than likely, I will be cast to the side with the rest of the applicants. However, I’ve been on the campus, thought it was beautiful, and I’m allured by the divinity school on the campus that might have excellent resources for my research aspirations. In short: I like the taste of rejection in the morning.

5. Vanderbilt University (Nashville, TN)

Why?  This university has been on my list for months because it’s about four hours from my home and it has a good reputation. Students there seem to have a broad and unique range of research interests and financial assistance is pretty sweet. You can’t beat that.

6. Fulbright ETA (South Korea)

Why? I want to develop my skills as a teacher of English and see the world. Though this is not a graduate program, I believe it would better prepare me for graduate studies and/or secondary grades education in the future. Preparation is key, and the Fulbright ETA is an excellent option.

Now to stop blogging and to start on those statements of purpose.




3 thoughts on “The lineup: who, where, and why.

  1. just found your blog via SCL (shameless Sunday worked!) and just wanted to say GO FOR IT! in terms of what you aim for next year – and also in response to your latest post, I am exactly the same – when it comes to group stuff, although it’s not quite got to ‘my way or the highway’, it’s almost there. Just remember that although God might work to a different calender and schedule to you, everything He has planned is good – Jeremiah 29:11….

    • Indeed! I’m learning everyday to surrender all things to Christ, but it’s not easy. I do however, find it impressive how God works in all kinds of ways, despite my hard-headed nature. Thanks for stopping by and I’m glad that Shameless Saturday worked!

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