Weird Americana.

America. Educational, but weird.

America is a strange place, as evidenced from my family vacation. Seventeen years ago, I was with my parents on a trip that centered on visiting Gettysburg, PA. As you can guess, 17 years and one sibling later, we made the trip again. In 1994, I wasn’t too keen on Civil War history. I was more  interested in other things, like the pool at the hotel.

However, now that I’m older, history makes more sense. The people of the era, their dress, religious beliefs, and daily actions now seem more relevant. On that note, if you ever have the chance to explore any facet of America, I highly suggest the Civil War. Not does a historical vacation centered on American history allow one to see the way we once were as a nation, but it also keeps the brain active during the summer. If not for anything else, take an educational vacation for the sake of the oddity that is called the United States of America. 

Happy travelling and/or studying,



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