Happy blogaversariy to me.

Last June, I lamented on Facebook that I was a horrible blogger. The ideas never came and most of the time, I just sat wondering what in the world a 20-year-old could possibly say about Planet Earth. Luckily,  a former professor gave me a digital, swift kick in the pants and told me to get started (by the way, you can check out the good professor’s blog here). So last June, I gave creative birth to A Time and A Season, echoing my views on life, Christianity, food, education, and literature.  Though I’ve never had  set theme for my blog, I’ve ventured into talking about a hodge-podge of different ideas. My second blog post was about ethical eating. I also did a post about the theology that can be found in tacky decor. Let’s also not forget the posts I completed regarding homecoming at my college or where I wore ashes for Ash Wednesday. Since those early days of blogging, I’ve been from here to there in the blog world. Recently, I’ve started a series regarding my favorite (simple) things.

As far as readership, thank you all for reading. Though I’m not for sure who actually reads this blog, I do know that quite a bit of my audience and feedback givers are male. I guess college stress and religious banter is what men are into these days. Nevertheless, I have excellent readers and I have fun blogging. I’m in a transitional time in my life as I enter my senior year and begin applying to various graduate schools and even jobs early next year. That in itself should also produce epic blog entries. Those who have linked to my blog, such as Marcia, the Alpha Gamma Delta Blog Network, and Kyle have sent visitors my way in the past, and that’s also great.

In the next year, I hope to keep entertaining and to stay insightful. Whatever is down the road, whatever is around the bend, and whatever comes my way will be something worth writing about. I guarantee it.



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