A Few of My Favorite (Simple) Things #1: Amish Grocery Stores

In October 2010, I published a post titled “The simple life.” I discussed how much I used to detest the little country town I grew up in and how I grew to appreciate it after leaving it. In my “final  summer” of peace and somewhat relaxation, I have moved back home before my senior year. Sure, I’ll be working on my college campus one day a week, pairing it with research for graduate school, but this summer is the summer I will (re)discover a few of my favorite (simple) things. In a series of blog posts, I will post one thing that is simple, yet an important part of my life. I hope you will enjoy and experience my favorite simple things for yourself.

My Favorite (Simple) Thing #1: Amish Grocery Stores

Seven miles from my home is what is called as the “General Store and Deli.” More specifically, it is the “Amish General Store and Deli.” Situated in a renovated two-car garage, the general store has everything imaginable. I brought this up to one of my parents, and he proceeded to state that the term “general store” would lead to that conclusion. Anyway, what we have come to call “the Amish store” has become somewhat of a weekly to bi-weekly trip at our home.

The deli meat is great, there are fresh eggs, and the prices are about the same as if one were to go to a larger supermarket. As as stood in line at the deli counter today, I noticed the rows and rows of baking mixes. There was salt, kosher salt, doughnut mix, 50-lb bags of doughnut mix, dried quinoa, brown sugar, baking powder, baking soda, and raw sugar. The sides of the store are flanked with familiar and new types of sodas, baked goods, and cookbooks. In the aisles are candies, wafer cookies, chips, and other foods that one would purchase at a larger store. In short, the place has everything.

I don’t really know why we like going to the Amish store. I’m certain that our society has overly romanticized Amish culture, but maybe the fact that it’s an Amish-run general store situated in a typical two-car garage is what draws us back again and again. Maybe it’s the lack of flourescent lights, the non existence of crowded aisles, and absence of awful shopping music. Or then again, maybe its the fact that we know that somewhere, there’s a place where we can buy fresh eggs and a gallon of milk without worrying about a shopping cart crashing into our car. Whatever it is, one of my favorite (simple) things is a trip to the “General Store and Deli.”


PS- If you have a favorite (simple) thing, feel free to email me at sarahcarey12@gmail.com I would like to hear about and try it out.


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