The plan.

This summer, I plan on going home. Since I moved to my campus, I have stayed here over the summers, working for our campus safety office and a local restaurant. However, as the second half of the semester nears a close and the year comes to a gentle landing, I have decided to simply go home. I am tired.

This year has been difficult in terms of stress. A lot of transitions have been made and a lot of big decisions have been put on the line. Over Christmas break, I decided to follow my dreams to become a college professor. I have decided to apply to three graduate schools, and I am taking the GRE this summer. However, though I am going home, I will be working on writing samples, statements of purpose, and various other graduate school thingys. (By the way, “thingy” is not a graduate school word). I might even learn to cook beyond macaroni this summer. We’ll see.

However, until that time comes, I have a few more essays to write and few  more books to read. Have a great home stretch, Georgetown. I am praying for us.



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