The halfway point: An update.

I’m writing with hot rollers in my hair. If you know me, you can imagine me sitting at my computer, with about a dozen little buns on my head. If you don’t know me, I’ll leave it to your imagination. However, hot rollers are nothing new. I’ve been putting them in my hair for the past seven weeks, and I have reached the halfway point in the SP 2011 semester. Yes it’s become busier, and I’ve gained a few more worries along the way, but I know in time, everything will go to its regular place.

Lent begins next Wednesday. While my tradition does not typically observe Lent, I believe that it is a critical and excellent time before Easter to examine my life as a Christian. Spritually speaking, I have grown in the past seven weeks. Chats with friends, professors, and family have allowed me to look at my life and my Christian walk.

I’m also preparing to take more big girl tests like the PRAXIS PLT and eventually the GRE. This week I’m meeting with a professor to revise my writing sample for graduate school applications. I’m more stressed than not, but once again, eveything eventually falls into place. That is a consolation all in its own.

All in all, this semester has treated me very well. I appreciate all of my classes and I’m learning quite a bit. That’s what college is for after all, right?

Happy midterm week,



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