Get Love/Give Love: A Valentine’s Day Request.

I have found that Valentine’s Day is just like the Twilight series or Justin Bieber. Everybody hates it, but at the same time everybody loves it. Though it is the day before (or the day of, depending on when you read this), my Facebook news feed has already been clogged with “Singles Awareness Day” statuses and all things hatred for the minor holiday. As an individual that has yet to experience a long-term, meaningful relationship doused with flowers, awkward telephone calls, and meaningful conversation, I still like Valentine’s Day. It’s pink, comes bearing candy, and just plain makes me feel good.

However, this Valentine’s Day, I have a simple request. If you want to get love, you have to give it. I am in my fourth semester as a teacher’s assistant in my college’s teacher education program. I see and hear things from middle and high school students that claw at my heart. From the ravages of poverty and uncertainty, many students live lives that I have only seen dramatized on television. They are hungry for love and attention, and the only place that these students seem to get recongnition is from the teacher or the teacher’s assistant.

Therefore, this Valentine’s Day, I want to give love. I don’t want to sit around and lament singleness, but instead I want to be excited that I can love other people in different ways. I can praise a student for a grammar worksheet well done, tell my roommate I think she’s smart because she can write mathematical proofs, or encourage a friend that has a difficult test on the horizon. True, more often than not, I am as cozy as barbed wire. I’m working on this, and through Christ, I can love another person as myself, just as He commanded me to do (John 13:34).



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