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I like lists. I like making lists. Since a new semester is upon us on my campus, I decided to make a list of goals that I hope to achieve this new term.

  1. Exercise 2x a week. It doesn’t sound hard, but sometimes I just don’t want to do it.
  2. Learn that not everything has to be perfect, and it won’t be perfect.
  3. Relax.
  4. Use my own ideas, and not rely heavily on the research of others. I must learn to use my voice.
  5. Understand that taking a break is part of getting stuff done.
  6. Develop self-confidence in my abilities.
  7. Have fun, and enjoy the ride.

A short list, but one that’s big enough to tackle. I am entering the second half of my third year of college. It’s hard to believe, but I still have a lot of growing up to do. I’ve also grown a lot along the way, too. However, there’s nothing that a good, sturdy list can’t help build up. Have a great rest of the break!



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