I received my copy of Christianity Today in the mail today, and I came across the featured theological article regarding teaching sex and Christian sexuality. Though the article lists “seven realities that Christians in every congregation need to know,” the article’s author, Stanton L. Jones, the provost of Wheaton College, begins by offering abortion statistics and asks “What can Christians really do to help reduce abortion” (35)?

I consider abortion to be one of the greatest tragedies of our time, especially since it targets the poor and other marginalized groups within our nation, destroying a generation and inverting justice. However, rather than linger upon why I believe abortion is harmful to society, I found Jones’ call for a Christian, “multifaceted” response to be encouraging. 

-We must shape the consciences of our congregants and of our communities, especially on the value of human life.

-We must empower church members to be articulate citizens who understand the moral bedrock on which civil law and liberty is ultimately grounded…

-We must extend works of compassion toward children in need of foster care and adoption so that there are viable alternatives for a good life for children spared from abortion.

-We need to contribute mightily to the strengthening of marriage, and…also support…single-parent and broken families in a time when the bulk of abortions are performed not on pregnant teens but on unmarried adult women…

-And we must pray without ceasing.

                                (Jones 35)

Of course, there were many more points listed in Jones’ piece, but these resonated deeply with me. Though not everyone is capable of adoption, everyone can help a single parent and pray for the reduction and eventual end of abortion. Jesus called for Christians to reach out to the “least of these,” and in some occasions, the least may be the unborn.


For further reading: 

Jones, Stanton L. “How to Teach Sex.” Christianity Today. Jan 2010: 35-39.


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