What happens on break.

I’m a strange character. I love college, but when a break looms on the horizon, the long-awaited relief cannot come quick enough. When I walk out of my last class before a break, I’m pretty sure that an angel gets his wings and music is playing in the distant background. I walk casually back to my room, drop my books, and collapse on the bed. By the time my head meets the pillow, I am in a deep sleep until someone or something wakes me up and informs me it’s time to head back to the grindstone. However, in between the deep sleeps, I experience what can only happen on break.

  1. I start watching cable news. In fact, cable news takes up most of my TV watching. Since I hardly watch TV during the semester, I start watching the news. It’s good background noise.
  2. I make these big plans to read lots and lots of books, but just end up watching cable news.
  3. I read books, but ones not on my list.
  4. I take naps. Long, midday naps that make me feel unproductive and lazy. I am currently in an empty, completely silent dorm, so I will nap without disturbance.
  5. I start complaining about three weeks into break about how I wish classes would start back.
  6. I stay up late and wake up early.
  7. I badger my roommate to come visit me on campus even when she’s out-of-state.
  8. I say I’m going to exercise, but it happens maybe twice a week during break.
  9. I start writing blog posts that make little to no sense at all.

For me, break is a time to rest, but it can also be a time where days get mashed together and everything becomes a blur. Yes, rest is good, but I believe that keeping busy is healthy, too. Regardless, what happens on break leaves me ready for a new semester.



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