I’ll just say it.

I consider myself a lifelong learner. I like to learn new things, examine new ideas, and create my own opinions. Sometimes, I like to envision myself becoming an authority on literary theory. People will quote me in their class papers and professors will say that once upon a time, they went to a seminar where I was the obscure keynote speaker.

“Yes, the good professor talked about themes of food in Shakespeare for three hours and it only seemed like twenty minutes. It was quite interesting and I wish I could sit through it two more times.”

That’s exactly what people will say, but not today.

I’m at that point in the semester where everything is getting mashed together. Right now, I’m working on three papers that need to be at least ten pages, along with a few other papers that are due before the semester is over. I believe it’s safe to say that I’m panicked, and I’ve even started early on my assignments. Granted, 90% of my stress is self-induced. I believe that I have to get an A on everything that I turn in, and if I don’t, then I get all guilty and think I’m no good and I’ll never amount to anything and I’ll never get a job and my children will be ashamed of me and so on and so on. I think you get my point.

Regardless, I’ll just say it: I’m stressed. I’m tired, and even though I dearly love the academic hustle and bustle, I’m just tired. I’m mildly panicked, and that light at the end of the tunnel just got a little dimmer. However, I do believe that the light is there, and it is in the form of Christmas break. Therefore, whenever I get tired or stressed, I just have to remember that the day (or month) of rest for us college students is just around the bend, waiting for us to arrive.

I’ll see you there, but first, I have to hit the books before they hit me.



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