Branching out.

When asked “Sarah, why aren’t you in a sorority?,” I have given some fairly lame answers. Answers have ranged from “Ahhuhh, I just don’t know” to “Oh, maybe it’s not my thing.” In the past two years of my college career, I have contemplated participating in sorority recruitment. As stated in my very first post, I’m not the most efficient decision maker. I will spend all day deciding “Do I want vanilla yogurt or mixed berry yogurt?” That’s just how I am, and that was my ordeal with recruitment on my campus (only yogurt was not involved). I just never knew what I wanted, and I was probably a little afraid, too. What I was afraid of, I’m not sure, but I was.

Regardless, yesterday I was approached with an open bid to join a women’s fraternity (yes, fraternity) on my campus. I accepted the bid, and look forward to branching out and getting to meet new people. Yes, I may be a junior (I’m running on the late train), but I hope and believe that the experiences in this organization will help me come out of my shell a little. I’ll still be typical, nerdy, bookworm Sarah, but I’ll be typical, nerdy, bookworm Sarah who just happens to have an affiliation with a Greek-lettered organization.



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