This past week on my campus has been Homecoming Week. I tend to miss the memos where I’m supposed to be decked in orange and black, and if I knew it was designated orange and black day, I would of course, wear orange and black. Granted, I wouldn’t sport anything elaborate, and I think a t-shirt gets the point across just fine. Regardless, in the spirit of Homecoming Week, my campus has been buzzing with traditional activities such as painting benches, wearing the school colors, and getting ready for the big weekend. It’s been quite lively around these parts.

However, I’ve never seemed to understand the concept of Homecoming. I understand the word in a different sense, but as in related to school functions (especially high school), I’m a little behind the times I suppose. At my high school, we had homecoming. I’m not for sure who was coming home, because anybody that showed up was solely students that painted themselves and ran through the paper wall that the cheerleaders made. Also, our football team had to win the homecoming game. I don’t know why we HAD to win homecoming, but we had to. It was just that important.

Even though I probably went to one homecoming game my whole four years of high school, this is what I witnessed. Even after I graduated, I went to one, thinking that I might see a few people I graduated with. Wrong. I think I was the only non-student or non-parent there within a 2-mile radius. Nobody came “home,” it was just current students with an excuse to be a little extra rowdy in the stands.

As far as college, I feel a little more connected with homecoming. I see a legitimate cause for alumni to come back to campus after graduation about once a year and check out the scene. After all, things and times are rapidly changing. Though I have never served as a source of overwhelming school spirit for any institution of learning I have attended, I am proud of my campus. In fact, I like my campus so much that I even got a licence plate shouting my collegiate affiliation and those back windshield stickers, with their bright orange, block lettering are probably there to stay.

So no, I don’t have typical school spirit as expressed in football games and cheers, but I do like my college very much. However, I don’t know why I can’t show my spirit by showing up to class on time, paying attention, and not wasting the professor’s time. No, you probably won’t see me at a large homecoming event (mostly because I’m awkward), but you will see me acting out traditional school spirit in different ways, primarily by hitting the books.

Go Tigers!



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