The first week.

As of 1pm today, I completed the first week of my junior year of college. With four English classes and two education classes this semester, I was prepared for an overwhelming amount of work that would need to be done. However, the week has been relatively light, but I am sure more will be on its way. Though the events of the week have been overwhelming in the best of ways, I am looking forward to more opportunities this semester. I have already been asked to tutor for an English Literature class, in addition to possibly becoming a tutor in a new class for first year students. In this first week alone, many doors have been opened for deeper academic campus involvement and I am glad. Hopefully these experiences will help me in my future classroom.

Additionally, I have been asked about post-graduation plans and have been advised to take the GRE this Spring. I’m not for sure where time is slipping away to, but preparation is the key. However, I’m still convinced that there aren’t enough hours in the day for us busy folk. We’ll have to work on that.

Overall, this first week has been great. I’ve exercised almost everyday and have been exploring more healthy, diverse food options in the cafeteria. Now that structure is back in my life, I’m hoping that my weight loss will go back to “normal” (if there ever was such a thing). However, even though it’s Friday, I’ll return to my stories of saints, shrewish women, and out-of-control middle schoolers that need to be read before the weekend ends.

See you next week!



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