And they’re (almost) off!

Today might as well be Christmas Eve for me. Tomorrow is the first day of classes, and I have that combined feeling of nerves and excitement. Though my nerves settle after the first few days, I still feel like it’s the first day of freshman year. However, I couldn’t be more excited. I’m looking forward to a mushroom omelette in the morning and then heading off to my American literature and English education classes.

Goals for new year:

  1. Adhere to a strict bedtime. I need sleep like a newborn, and I’m grouchy when I don’t get enough sleep. I also get stressed out easier.
  2. Pencil in workout time. I hate exercising most of the time, and if I write it in, I’ll have to do it. That’s how it works. In that same vein, I should stop eating cookies for breakfast. Yes, they fit into my plan, but cookies aren’t exactly brain food.
  3. Work on incorporating quiet/devotional time this semester. I always have good intentions, but fizzle out halfway through the semester. The discipline that I have for my academic work should be applied to my spiritual life as well.
  4. Reduce time spent worrying about menial problems. (It’s a long shot, but worth the try).

For my fellow classmates, I wish you the best this semester. For my educators (or any educator) who may stumble upon this post, you have my prayers for this new year.

Happy (almost) first day of classes Georgetown.



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