The peril of clothes.

A person can never have too many of two things in his or her life: books and new clothes. I love getting new clothes which is the probably the only typical “girl thing” I enjoy. For a time, it’s like I’m putting on a brand new Sarah that I can walk around in and for some reason, new clothes makes me feel confident. Don’t ask me why, but there must be some elaborate scientific reason behind the joy of clothes. However, with the joy of new clothes comes also the peril of the whole purchasing experience.

I believe (sarcastically) that there must be a law stating that larger women (like myself) must wear clothes that sport patterns similar to a funky 1970’s couch. Apparently, clothing designers are convinced that because I am above a size 12, I enjoy looking like a couch. Indeed, I may be the size of a couch, but I don’t want to look like one. Even after losing almost 40 pounds and being able to get into the one of the smaller size considered “plus size,” clothes are still somewhat dull unless I decide to patronize a specialty store for shapely women. 

Interestingly enough, I once saw an ad hanging from the ceiling in a plus size store oriented for teens that proclaimed that it wasn’t about the size, it’s about “character.” However, for thinner girls, it’s all about “the look.”

As an English major, I’ve been accused of reading into situations, movies, books, and television shows a little too much. Maybe I’m doing the same with shopping for clothes and I’ll proceed to get off my soapbox (and pull it out for an issue that’s worth a longer blog post).



3 thoughts on “The peril of clothes.

  1. “there must be a law stating that larger women (like myself) must wear clothes that sport patterns similar to a funky 1970′s couch.” Hilarious!

    The plus-size selection also includes tops with horizontal stripes so we end up looking as wide as a barn. After watching some fashion shows and seeing some of these “hot” designers, I am convinced they are sick, twisted individuals who have it out for full-figured women. Also, they must design plus-size to look like a couch so they can tell the bony models, “Honey I know you are starving, but if you eat, you’ll have to wear THIS”. It’s their effort to keep them, um, thin because God-forbid they look like normal women.

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