Summer is no time for rest. Well, not for me. I work an on-campus job six days a week and another one three or four days a week at another location. The work isn’t hard, but I get tired easily (which is nothing new). With the lame drag of summer and the waiting around to go to work, I find myself doing little to nothing. Sure, I may be curled up with a book, napping, or exercising, but I’m still exhausted when the day is done.

During the academic season, my favorite season by the way, I’m just as exhausted. Though my off campus job reduces down to two shifts a month, I pick up two additional campus jobs to fill my time in addition to my classes. Once again, student dispatching, being a writing tutor, and handing out attendance cards at my campus’ chapel services isn’t strenuous, but it keeps me happily busy and awfully tired. It’s no secret, but I don’t know how to rest. My mother tells me to take a “chill pill” while my roommate asks how I do it. Honestly, I think it’s impossible for me to get burned out on the thrill of academia, but I do need to learn to rest. It’s necessary for human survival and mandated by Scripture.

In Genesis 2, after creating the heavens and the Earth, God rested on the seventh day (2:3). Likewise, the Ten Commandments instructed the Israelites to keep the Sabbath holy by not working (Exodus 20:8) just as God did after establishing foundations of the world. As an individual who prefers to be bustled around and kept on her unpolished toes, I experienced a great period of rest over the past few days during a mini-vacation. During this time, my roommate and I rarely looked at the clocked, spontaneously patronized the Krispy Kreme doughnut stand within walking distance, ate at an establishment with a giant catfish statue, and even went swimming. We’ve only been back from our adventure for about five hours, but I feel rested. In fact, I feel rested enough that I’m looking more forward to the new semester that begins on Monday.

Yes, being busy is ingrained in my very nature, but I need to find the time to rest. Though I can’t always take off to a place 3 hours away for vacation, I can learn to rest here on my campus. As I have and will always say, I am a work in progress that needs fine tuning (in addition to a long nap just for the heck of it).



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