Moving day for hoarders.

I try not to have a lot of things. However, I have a strong sense of nostalgia when it comes to everything. That test I got an A on? Better keep it for posterity. Those extensive notes on the English Civil War? Uh, my future kindergarten child may need to do an advanced project when the time comes. Those philosophy notes? My brother may really want to read them. Though I say I’m not a hoarder and I keep all of my “to keep” things in their own place, I still have those around me say that in about 20 years, they will see me on some documentary about people who can’t let go of things. All of my papers plus clothes plus other things/stuff is what makes moving day (which is today for me) somewhat hectic.

However, I am thrilled to be moving into my permanent housing for the year. That means I’m one step closer to beginning the academic year and settling into a routine that can be followed regularly. In the meantime, before I can settle into this routine I have to get out of a routine, mainly in the form of scattered boxes and heavy pieces of furniture (TV, fridge, etc). Yes, there must be some type of disorder before order reigns supreme again. In addition to putting away clothing and other necessities, I also have to figure out where I’m putting my 30 books (yes 30) for my classes this semester. I’m sure I’ll figure it out.

Regardless, even though my roommate, myself, and my personal movers (in the form of parents and brother) will have to climb up to the third floor of our building with our things, I’m looking forward to this afternoon. After all the chaos settles and we’re able to scrounge through and divide our junk, I’ll keep all of my papers and whatnot documents tucked away for another moving day.

Happy packing, moving, and organizing,



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