New, crazy week.

It’s Monday. I don’t know anybody that really likes Mondays that much, but since it’s the new week, it gives me an excuse to talk about it. After all, this is my last working Monday before classes resume and I’m looking forward to my mini vacation coming up. This Wednesday, we’re moving into our permanent housing for the year and I couldn’t be more excited. Though the summer has flown by and I was glad to see it come, I am more than glad to see it leave. Being the early bird that I am, I started packing yesterday and am currently living out of two big boxes. You can never be too prepared to move.

In the fight for good health, last week I lost 3 lbs bringing my total loss to 36 pounds since January 2nd. While taking time to do the math, I’ve discovered that I’m only 4 pounds away from reaching 40 pounds. And they say I didn’t know how to add. I’m also starting to speculate that part of that 3 pounds was also in hair weight because I cut off a signficant amount last Sunday. I’m still loving the fact that I don’t have to deal with a massive entanglement of hair every morning. One of my friends called getting her hair cut “liberating,” and I think I might have to agree.

This week, I’m focusing on my vacation next week. My roommate and I are going across the state line for about two days, which should be fun. However, I don’t want to suffer a gain that week so I won’t totally go food wild on my trip. I’ve already planned to have one nice meal and then be well-behaved the rest of the time. In my many months since beginning Weight Watchers, I’ve noticed that my daily Points values have become enough food for me throughout the day. It’s the fact that sometimes I’ll encounter a candy bowl or some other temptation that will get me off track. Hopefully I can be controlled on vacation, and it will take all week to prepare. However, I’m looking forward to our mini excursion and I’ll convince myself that just because a Krispy Kreme doughnuts (true fact) will be next door, I don’t have to eat them all.

Happy Monday!



2 thoughts on “New, crazy week.

  1. 1 KK glazed = 5 points!!! 4 more pounds is not gonna know what hit it!!! And I LOVE your new hair!!!
    ps…is that 1 good meal at Apple Barn?

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