The joy of print.

Yesterday, I read an article from NPRBooks about the rising trend of e-books. The week before, I read another piece regarding college libraries and the desire to go completely paperless. Even at one of my places of employment, we lend out audio books so engaged travelers can listen to their favorite works on the road. Whether I like it or not, paperless books are on the rise. People will continue to bring their Kindles to Cracker Barrel and wait for their food while others will simply read from their iPads. I guess it’s convenient to not have to hassle with a thick book or multiple books when they can all be stored on one tiny, portable device. I may be stubborn and technologically challenged (probably both), but there is something about words printed on paper that I appreciate. ¬†Personally, I can’t read a newspaper online or an article from a database without having to print it off first. I like having reading materials in my hands, not on a digital screen. It’s comforting, it’s fun, and I can use my highlighter without ruining an expensive device. Printed books can also function as decor in one’s home. Nothing says “Wow, we’re so smart” like a strategically placed book of Middle English lyrics on the coffee table.

However, though my reluctance to accept newfangled reading technology reflects my “stuck in my ways-ness,” I can’t say I’m looking to change. I just really like print, and that’s about what it all boils down to.

Happy reading!



One thought on “The joy of print.

  1. I blogged about this exact same thing! I said I may take a peek at Kindle, but technology could NEVER EVER replace the real thing. I love to collect old books.

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