Library Advocacy Day 2010.

Visit the library today. Please.

“So Sarah, what do you do for fun?”


“No, really, what do you do for fun?

“I read.”

Sadly enough, I have actually experienced a conversation like this. I like to read. A lot. During this summer vacation, I make it part of my schedule to go to the library once a week. As a child, my parents let the county bookmobile visit my house during the summer, which I believe helped fuel my love of reading. Seriously, letting a three ton truck full of books in your driveway will get you one of two things, maybe both: 1) A blocked driveway, 2) An introverted child whom everybody thinks real face is 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. As a result of my parents and the high value they placed on literacy and education, I love to read. That’s why I think that Library Advocacy Day is worth mentioning.

Thinking back on my school years, the library was a pretty important part of my life. In addition to the bookmobile that made its rounds, I often visited the library in person after school or with my mother for special book runs. Though the library was 13 miles away from where I lived, we always made trips to pick out mounds of books to carry in our special “book bags.” After I received my driver’s license, I was able to visit a neighboring county’s library, which was larger and easier to get lost in (not that I cared). Finally, once arriving on my college campus, I was introduced to the local public library which still amazes me every time I go for my weekly visit. During the academic year and summer months, I also have access to the learning resource center here on campus which is quite fantastic in itself. In short, libraries, both public and campus based ones are fantastic. They have multiple resources, including my favorite, books.

So, in honor of the American Library Association’s Library Advocacy Day, tell someone about your local library. Better yet, go to the library, get a borrower’s card, and check out a book (or 10). Also, you can’t read an e-book, it has to be a paper book that has that weird library smell and a security tag taped in the back. That’s part of the library experience. So, what are you doing here? Stop Facebooking and reading this simultaneously, go check out some books and acknowledge your local library. You might just see me there too.


Read more about ALA’s Library Adovocacy Day:


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